Fashionothon Complaints – Everything You Should Know About the Company

For the past couple of months, there have been several complaints registering on the company named “Fashionothon.” The company based out of New Delhi and is an E-Commerce service selling various catalogs of products, such as electronics, home and kitchen appliances, etc. People have started registering Fashionothon complaints a lot these days, so here, we find out whether how real and genuine these complaints are. To know every detail about the company and the complaints, see below:

  • Company name: Fashionothon Online Pvt. Ltd.
  • Address: Kalkaji, New Delhi District, New Delhi, Delhi 110019.

Comments on Fashionothon Complaints

respected sir,
I am v Chaitanya Kumar, living at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.
On 23 Sep 19, I got a phone call from, saying that I was selected for the first prize of the car in the riding contest of
Mrs. Anitha had told on the phone that to get the car on 30 Sep 19, I have to pay Rs 4999/- in their current account.
I transferred the amount on google play to their current account 0n 23 Sep 19.
I was told that your registration is a success and asked to send my photo to their email [protected]
I send the photo, they placed my photo on their website.
On 24 Sep 19, again Mrs. Anitha had called me and told me to deposit Rs 20, 000/- for documentation charges.
I deposited it in their current account.
In the same way every day they are calling me and asking to deposit money for different occasions.
In the same way, I deposited rs 1, 47, 000/- as mentioned below
Dt. Id. Amount reason
23 Sep.[protected]. Rs 4, 999 registration for the contest
24sep.[protected]. Rs 19999 documentation charges
25sep.[protected]. Rs 29999 nominee registration
25sep.[protected]. Rs 18999 nominee registration (Late fee)
25sep.[protected]. Rs 11000 nominee registration (Late fee)
28sep.[protected]. Rs 15000 customer identification
28sep.[protected]. Rs 17000 customer identification
28sep.[protected]. Rs 10000 nominee gateway charges
03oct.[protected]. Rs 10, 000 nominee gateway charges
09oct.[protected]. Rs 10000 transit charges


I was told first that the contest will be held on 30 Sep 19, but they told me that the contest was postponed to 27 Oct 19, on Diwali.

Also on the phone, they are telling that they collected the amount for the contest and will refund the full amount.
Daily they are telling they will refund the amount today and tomorrow.
I asked to send the confirmation email or letter, they simply sent me the email as received amount for your shopping.

Also, daily different people are calling and telling me that I have to deposit more money, then only they will release the amount.

Daily they are calling me and irritating me to deposit more money, more money.

I told them that I don’t have money, they are now telling me that they are working on my file and will get some benefit on the contest day.
I asked to send any work which is doing on my file, they are telling me that that is their internal, they cannot share.

Recently they send some items like china laptops, shoes, shocks, broken roti makers, bread roster, vegetable slicer, etc.

All are cheap quality

I think I was cheated and requires to complain against them.

Items received address as follows
Dealsothon online Pvt ltd, d-24, lower ground floor, kalkaji, New Delhi, 110019

Please help me, sir
I have all the proofs of payment and confirmation emails received.
I recorded all the chats of their reps from 28 Sep 19 onwards.

Warm regards.

By V Chaitanya Kumar

Recent Comments

My product of silver jewelry is not received. Pls send my product soon I paid 15,000 but not received my product properly.. And they told me about the assured prize of the Dell Inspiron laptop but after paying for a full payment not send it and instead of laptop send me to suit material. They are a fraud. Speaking lying. This is my Fashionothon complaint. Please treat him strongly punish.. And give me my money return.

By Mukesh R Rana

One day I got a call from and told that I am selected randomly for a contest for which I have to purchasers 999/-(11 May 2016) for registration. But I cancel the product. they told me you get a call for your refund 999 but they do not call me. Today is the 15th day. I call costume care.
By Ravi

Miss Anitha told me called me and congratulated me that I’ve won 1st prize i. E kwid car in their ride India contest and asked me to pay 10000 which will be refunded along with the prize the next she asked me to pay another 20000rs for registration fee and said it will be refunded within 2 days but refused to pay but she convinced me emotionally telling I’m like ur sister trust me once so that I paid 20000rs. First, she told contest will be held on 10 Aug and later they told it’s postponed to 15th Aug now it’s also over finally they are refused to refund my money, she made me a fool. They all cheated me. Please help me to get my money from this fraud company
By Sai (This Fashionothon complaint has been notified to the concerned person).

New Comments on Fashionthon Complaints

I was once again fixed by fashionothon (Ms. Anita, Mr. Pankaj & Mr. Gurpreet) into paying rs. 40000 for creating id for processing of my file for the assured prize winner. They even uploaded my photo as a contest winner on their website which has been removed now after receiving the money (As expected). They assured me of getting my refund of around rs. 3.8 lakhs which they have collected as a security deposit in around 4 years. They also told me that they will be handing over the car keys to me on 28.2.2019 at Kolkata which was the same as last year. Like earlier, this time also nothing happened except a call again from them (Ms. Riya Varma and Mr. Soni) for some additional payment for a refund of my security deposit which I refused saying that I am not going to pay a single rupee more. After that, there is no call from them. This is to warn other customers that this company is a real cheat company. Beware of doing any transactions with them.
By Aditya

Fashionothon company is a big fraud company… I have eve seen it.
I request to all online customers not to buy anything from and It makes very big promises but finally, it cheats innocent Indian customers.
I received various calls from http://www. company for purchase combo ar rs.4999/-and get 100% assured gift. and both are the same company.
Lotto running shoes +leo plus kit +good morning kit…at rs.4999/-
Grab this super combo at just rs.4999/-and get 100% to assure gift from below mentioned prizes.
Assured gifts: apple ipone5s-dell insprion15 3521 laptop, monte Bianco suits length, 32 inches led, 14k Ganesh pendant.
The executive miss. Kavya told me that you will surely get either apple ipone5s or dell insprion15 3521 laptops, 14k Ganesh pendant. Before making a payment, then only I have place orders worth rs.4999/-at http://www.


This is really shameful that my case is not resolved yet and no proper response from www. I have been calling www. support team and connect miss. Kavya they are telling she is not here. But every time I receive the same answer that we will get back to you 10 mins. But that 10 min has not ended yet. This company is making fraud. In this company, all employees are maximum ladies only.
Please, anyone, take serious action on this www. company. They are every day making fraud. The company’s main intention is a fraud, nothing else.

By Mahesh Bhatt

Have you ever been cheated or experienced fraud by the Fashionothon company? It’s time you should be careful when purchasing any kind of product with the company. There are a lot of Fashionothon complaints by the users and you must not ignore them.

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