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Find Out Who Called You from 970 829 4029?

Have you been getting random, unknown calls from 970 829 4029? Well, learn here who is calling you from this particular number. Using our resources and tools, we find out from where the caller may be calling and some of its personal details as well. Also, you can read what people have to say about it and whether or not it is safe.

  • As per the area’s code, it may be based out of Colorado (Grand Junction or Durango), USA.
  • According to most of the comments, this call may be a fraud not safe to attend.

Latest Comments

Amazing how people continue to get away with this and we’re supposed to have the ability to intervene have the technology and the stop scammers apparently we don’t or rather no one does.
By Steven

As a retired law enforcement personnel, I can guarantee that NO ONE in this area phones people for donations. Ever. Just hang up. I tried to engage them in an intelligent discussion once, and they just dig the hole deeper.
By Ivan

Just another idiot scammer.  Law Enforcement Coalition.  I couldn’t find any record for that charity.  His name is, usually, Phil.  He has been known to be persistent, rude, and not the smartest guy you have ever met.  Should you talk to him, tell him you want him to mail you his organizations’ formal donation paperwork, just for your personal records.  He won’t have any such paperwork and may hang up, get unpleasant or try to get you away from wanting him to send you anything.  The reported number 970 829 4029 is in Colorado, but you can figure that’s a phone number and could be calling from India or most anywhere else.  Others report there is sometimes an accent, and responses are slow like there is a translator being used to speak proper English, with no accent, making it appear more believable.  This makes it really nice for us, our own technology is being used against us.
By Miguel

Recent Comments on 970 829 4029

Got a call from this number, a man said that his name is Phil. When I told him I didn’t know Phil he said that he was with the Law Enforcement Coalition and that they were collecting donations in support of Law Enforcement officers and would I make a donation to this organization. I told him that I would have to speak with my husband and he kept pushing me to commit to an amount even when I told him no I would not commit to any amount. It makes me think that this is a scam caller.
By Lyla

They have called me as well as wanting to speak with my bf. But see my bf has a difficult last name to say. The man was so rude. He told me to put my bf on the phone now. I said no. He said I am with the police. I hung up! I used to work for the police, this is such a scam.
 By Jessica

years ago I made the mistake of giving money to supposedly help keep kids off drugs and to help widows
and widowers of fallen police officers. I never receive any proof that my donations were going to help out.
I have since learned my lesson!!
By Sean

New Comments

970 829 4029 called May 18, 2017, at 1:01 pm.  No message.  Caller ID = LE Coalition.  One of those many fake organizations collecting money from law enforcement. They keep all or most the money for themselves, so I call this telemarketing.
By Jake

Bad scammer spam wanting money for listed as LE Coalition it’s a scam or spam never give money or any information to these jerks it is against the law for them to call you. If you care to pursue it they can be fined $$ for doing this.
By Shane

Fortunately, this number was blocked immediately after the first ring by my free blocking service. Thank you to those who post the reason for the call since I do not answer any unknown calls,  even if it was not blocked.  It’s just sad when we are up to page 4 of complaints and the thread was only started in May 2017.
By Angel

LE Coalition called while I was out. No msg. It looks like another fake charity that keeps all of most of the money for themselves. Shame on them. Do not donate to these scammers who call and do not give cc#. Ignore calls from unknown #s and block. Morons welcome to my blocked list. Adios losers!
By Josue

This is one of the “hero charity” call center scams, looking to get you to “donate” money for “fallen police and their families”.  They give one or two cents to a fake charity and keep the rest for themselves as expenses.
By Cesar

Popular Comments on 970 829 4029

Machine answered.  No message.  Caller blocked.  This same outfit called me twice before.  They used LEC and Law enforcement co.  Different phone numbers too.  They’re now using a different Colorado area code.  I contacted the Boulder Sheriff’s department.  This is a SCAM.  They said that they would look into it.
By Ronald

Glad someone posted about the scammer’s old number, 760-248-0465. Now they call each day using 970-829-4029 (or 970 829 4029) We are powerless against any scammer. Lucky for this site, for the info!!!
By Warren

I called today but using my area code & not 970.  Must think you are more likely to answer if your area code is used.  I didn’t recognize the #, did a quick on-off-on my phone, so I didn’t get to talk to Phil.  So sick of these unwanted calls, but I really hate the ones that call with clone #s.  Been getting a lot of those…, including some idiot that cloned MY phone #!  My CID said I was calling me !!!!
By Marcos

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