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Who Called You from 614 347 0062 Number?

Have you been getting random, unknown calls from 614 347 0062 number? Or want to know who’s behind this contact number? Well, congratulations, you are in the correct place. We have compiled all the possible information about this phone number, including from where it’s calling with the help of our resources.

As per the people’s personal experience with this number and comments, we can conclude that it is registered with Teleport Communications Group, Inc. What to know what people are saying on this matter? Check out all the comments below and decide yourself:

Comments on Calls from

Calling to sell you a service to get your business more clicks on Google.  Taking phone # from an Internet registry.   Don’t have a business, but do have a .com web address.  Option 2 to be removed from the list.
By Lyla

I can accept 1 call from a company but when they keep calling you multiple times a day with the same pre-recorded message it is no longer telemarketing but becomes harassment.  Any company that doesn’t identify themselves will not get my business and when they call back multiple times in 1 day I file complaints.
By Jake

Agreed.  I have now received a call from this 614 347 0062 number 4 times now today.  I wish I had the ability to block numbers on this phone.
By Ivan

I answered the first time because I have several friends and family from the same area code.  It was a robocall, but I hung up so I don’t remember what it was about.  I then blocked the number, but they have called again at least 4 times after that.  Once the message went long enough to go to voice mail.
By Steven

This same number keeps calling about my “timeshare” which we don’t have. Same number, 2 times already today and it’s not even noon!

By George


Recent Comments on 614 347 0062

If you received a call from this number regarding timeshares. The company behind the call is Vacation Consulting Services LLC. They are located in Missouri and have a website that you can google. Their phone number is listed on their webpage as well. They are holding seminars at the Holiday Inn located on Medina Rd in Fairlawn Ohio August 16 17 and 18. Holiday Inn has confirmed the seminar dates and times and the name of the company holding them. Have fun suing them if they called you.
By Catherine

Called cell and left no message.  Thanks to the other posters’ info about the call being a timeshare scam I will now block before they have a chance to call again.  Legit people leave messages!
By Mark

Hey, Bob, the law says 500 not up to 500 and then right below if section C says treble damages if knowing or willful. The fact that a pre-recorded message is used is always an automatic knowing and willful. Factor in demanding don’t mail a copy of there do not call policy to you is another 1500 and finally, if your number is on the DNC and they have no DNC subscription another 1500.
By Leo

No wonder you got paid in 3 hours.  You have a time machine that travels to the future Sept. 9th and back into the past Today, August 9th.  Does that flux capacitor work well??
By Megan

Popular Comments on 614 347 0062

I have already blocked this call through Time Warner which is my phone service…….yet this call came through again!  What the heck, Time Warner?????  Anyway, this time I answered and it was a robocall about my imaginary time-share that I don’t have and never did.  I pressed 1 to talk to a human and when he asked my name I said: “what makes you think I have a timeshare?”  He hung up on me.  I will again try to block it!
By Oscar

Chris is just a little snot of a troll that likes to start trouble.  Usually its minuscule little brain on comes out with obscenities.  Ignore, and Resident47 will eviscerate the troll.
By Roman

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